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IB Biology Objectives
Topic 1: Cells
Topic 2: The Chemistry of Life
Topic 3: Genetics
Topic 4: Ecology and Evolution
Topic 5: Human Health and Physiology
Topic 7: Cell Respiration and Photosynthesis
Topic 8: Genetics
Topic 9: Human Reproduction
Topic 10: Defense Against Infectious Disease
Topic 11: Nerves, Muscles, and Movement
Topic 12: Excretion
Topic 13: Plant Science
Option E: Neurobiology and Behaviour
Option H: Further Human Physiology

     This is the JCIB Biology home page. It is the most comprehensive collection of the objectives for the IB test to be found. The links on the navigation bar to the left will direct you to the objectives you seek. If you find any problems or have any questions feel free to IM or email me. Contact information is listed below.

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